Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Where is Home?

Why do tears often come to my eyes when I see our country's flag or sing our National Anthem?  It wasn't always so.   But after making 3 mission trips to Haiti and spending a month in Zimbabwe, I see things differently. My first trip abroad was a 3 week vacation to England in May, 1984 where I visited friends. It was the first time I identified myself as being from the US. I was home sick and joyful to see the "WELCOME HOME" sign that greets those who are returning from a trip abroad. That's why I am so disturbed by the rise of violence and domestic abuse in our country. I no longer feel safe at home. I realize there are many who experience this reality. Fear paralyzes the mind and soul so that even the able bodied/disabled are indistinguishable. My hope lies in knowing that life does not stay the same and I'm so grateful to have lived enough years to know that change, hopefully for the better will arrive soon.

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