Thursday, March 20, 2014

Looking Ahead

As I begin writing this, I can hardly believe that I am planning to do a third printing of 2500 copies of my memoirs, It's Easier to Dance. I have just 42 "hard" copies left and sales have increased on I want to thank those who have written or rewritten book reviews, as I have updated information that generated a new publication date. If you would like to write a book review click the link at the bottom of this post or  email your review to  and be posted as a "guest" on my blog.  You may include a link to your web site.

Many of you have read about "Sense of Adventure," a documentary film about living with cerebral palsy being produced by Kyle Young. While the film depicts examples from my life, it is in essence, about so much more than just one woman of multicultural heritage striving to live in community despite having cerebral palsy, a complex neurological, developmental disability . My hope is that it will encourage all women and men to reach beyond what society has told us we are capable of, what our limitations are, and what our "place" in society is to be. For those of us with diagnosed medical conditions, I believe it's time to start asking questions of our medical providers and seeking second and, if need be, third opinions. It is time to require home based care providers to respect our homes and maintain appropriate boundaries according to our values and beliefs while providing much needed personal care and support. It is with this in mind, that I hope you will continue to donate your support of the production of this important documentary.

Thank you for your ongoing, generous donations!

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