Saturday, April 5, 2014

Book Review of "It's Easier to Dance" by Evelyn Goodman

 I have been privileged to review a book by someone who is a winner in every respect of the word.  She not only writes a beautiful story, but is herself, handicapped physically since childhood.  This is something which has not held her back from participating in the many things life has to offer.
Her life starts out from birth, literally, through a mother who was told that her
child was handicapped and would not survive.  She refused to believe that and, lucky for us that she did!  We can be inspired by someone who is living a full life in spite of her handicaps.  You must read this book to see how, with grit and determination, you can overcome what seemed to be insurmountable obstacles, in order to live a life most of us take for granted.  Annie not only has grit, but the intellect to keep up with challenges of the mind.  Do not, do not, sell her short.  You do so at your own embarrassment.  I say that because, when I first met her, it was my first impression.  I soon learned how shallow that was.

This book will truly inspire you to never give in to what you might feel to be obstacles.  Read this book and never again say---"no, I can't"!

----------Evelyn Goodman is a youthful, dynamic woman of 90  years.  We were cabin mates on a cruise in December,

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