Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Unexpected

You never know when the next moment,  the next person you meet, will change your perspective and give you hope and an unexpected friend that was overlooked suddenly is before you again!   That’s what happened to me today when I attended services at State College the United Presbyterian Church where I've been attending since it is in my neighborhood.  A woman had come up to me several weeks ago and told me how much she admired me and that she had read my memoir, It’s Easier to Dance.  I noticed that she had a similar speech impediment and wanted to talk with her further but was unable to understand her speech pattern.  Today she had an iPad with a program that would speak a sentence she had typed when she touched  a button.  Presto!  Just like that………we could communicate as she had no trouble understanding my speech pattern.  I wonder why that is.  Her name is Ann so we should, at least, easily remember each other’s name.  We quickly exchanged contact information (emails & cell phone #s) and made plans to be in touch soon.  Now I have a reason to get an ipad with the program that Ann said is a free download.  How much energy that  will save me!!

This is a great example of what keeps me going when life gets rough as it has this winter.  You never know what is waiting just around the corner; a barrier that was there is suddenly removed by circumstance or, in  this instance, new technology.

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