Sunday, June 10, 2012

Revealing My Bias

Those who know me, have often heard me  talk about one's biases and how  they can limit others and make themselves feel superior.  As someone born with cerebral palsy, I have done everything possible NOT to be identified with those who have intellectual limitations.  All  too often, the erroneous label "mentally retarded" would be part of the diagnoses when one's intellect was average or, as in my situation, very above average.
In our society, intelligence (based on IQ) makes a significant difference in opportunities that are seen as valuable.  I learned a lesson that made me realize this is not so in all situation.
Yesterday, as I watched the swimmers  in the Special Olympics swim competition, I found myself envying how they could move their bodies the entire length of the pool!
I wondered, "Why can't I do that?"   There are few things that 'd like to be able to do than to freely move about in the pool, but I am afraid of the water.  I bet those athletes didn't "think" about swimming or try to "figure out" how to swim.  Maybe they didn't even begin by calling it "swimming."  They just kept moving there bodies from side to side in the water until they wound up at the opposite end from where they began.  I learned so much from watching them.  Hope I can put it to use in my own life!

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