Monday, June 4, 2012

Writing Begins in My Heart

I am often asked, "What made you want to write a book?"  As I begin to outline my second book, I thought I would share with readers some of my writing process.

First of all, I don't actually set out to write a book, per se.  I begin by thinking about something that had a significant impact on my life that I'd like to share with theirs, something I that hope will enrich their lives in some way.  I think about my target audience and, depending on age, where they might be in their development.  For instance, before I chose the title "Femininity", Chapter 7, It's Easier to Dance, I thought about adolescent girls and boys with disabilities going through puberty.  I thought about their peer relationships with same age able-bodied males and females, and I imagined mothers trying to answer the questions that  all youngsters have at that age.  I first titled the chapter "Sexuality" but that sounded to restrictive for what I wanted to communicate.  One thing I knew for sure..........I wanted to answer two questions for any reader with or without a dsabillity:
1)  Can I have sex? and 2) Will anyone ever want me?

For those who read Chapter 7, there will be no further doubts!

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