Sunday, May 20, 2012

From It's Easier to Dance - Chapter 5

"............Still I wanted my traveling to be something other than for my own enjoyment.  I wanted there to be a purpose to my going to another culture. I wanted to help, to serve, to make a difference.  Drawing on my Catholic faith, I wanted to serve the poor.  I remembered all the Bible verses that quoted Jesus as promising to meet Him face to face in the poor.  The opportunity came in 1996, when the Penn State Catholic Community planned a mission trip to Haiti to work in the village of Pondiassou, 2 hours north of Porte au Prince."

The adventures of negotiating the first of 3 mission trips to the most  impoverished country in the western hemisphere is what now keeps me going during the most difficult times in my life.  When asked why, my answer is always  the same,  " It's the children."  I remember holding a naked baby boy in my arms,  His hair was discolored due to the lack of protein in his diet.  This and other memories haunt me.  I hope to use the donations from this blog to return to the village of Pondiassou in Haiti.


  1. It is children who make us want to help the most--such innocent victims. God bless you for your work. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Peggy, Thank you for your support. There is so much more to my life than just living with cerebral palsy.

  3. Dear Annie,
    My Best wishes to you for the commendable work you are doing. I wish I could join you from here in India for the same.
    I wholly agree with you that all kids irrespective to whom they are born to or which part of the world they belong ..basically need love and caring and nourishment. My heart always goes out whenever I see malnourished or kids who could have a better deal , if only ... There's a lot that needs to be done I know and I wish somehow I could do just my little bit towards this especially in so many villages in India and its suburbs.
    I don't know how to go about it. I'm really fond of children and in fact took up a drama teaching workshop, trying to teach them just recently again.
    Anyways, lots more to do yet....
    Wishing you good health & lots of success for your work and book.
    Sending you a tight hug with all my best wishes
    Madhavi Sood and on Facebook

  4. Dear Annie,
    Thank you for your courageous and valuable work. I appreciate your contribution to the world:)
    Sheri Kaye Hoff

  5. I've had some FABULOUS vacations, but the mission trips to Haiti are the ones I long to repeat if I get enough sponsors through donations.