Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Media Portrays African American Woman with Cerebral Palsy

Minorities with disabilities, especially cerebral palsy, are rarely portrayed in the media as having "real lives" and the range of human emotions.  We're either doing some group activity, arranged by an organization, or being glorified as heroes and more courageous than others. Over the years, much  has been written about  me by many publications, however, my circumstances were portrayed as extraordinary because of my disability.   I have finally met a journalist, Alexis Morgan, who portrays me as I am, an intelligent woman  who is a valued member of her community.  I just happen to have cerebral palsy.  See her journalistic genius on this web site


This interview is the most accurately I have been portrayed and written about by the media.
Some of the photographs are from my memoir, It's Easier to Dance  See an overview of my book on page 2 of my blog.

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