Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Create Your Own Work

One of the toughest challenges to  those of us with life-long or chronic disabilities is employment.  Although federal law requires employers to provide "reasonable accommodations" to employees who identify their disabilities, it is difficult to achieve.  However, some of us have achieved success or are working on it.   In 1979, when I grew tired of temporary, paper-pushing jobs set up by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation,  I turned my hobby of writing poetry into a small business featuring lines of my poems on greeting cards.  I hired different artists to  illustrate the cards.  I managed to have enough cash flow to supplement my disability income start traveling!  I write about this first venture into self employment in Chapter 2 of my memoirs, It's Easier to Dance.
Have you ever heard it said, "Do what you love and, eventually, some one  will pay you for it!'  I have found this saying to be true.

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