Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Writing continues..........

After not blogging for almost 2 months I want to let those who look for what I write, that the revised edition of my memoir, It's Easier to Dance:  Living Beyond Boundaries, will soon be uploaded to CreatSpace.  Updates will be posted on my facebook group page It's EZR2Dance and my personal fb page.
Since my previous post, there has been the  added grief of my oldest brother's death from lung cancer.  Although a generation older than I, I miss his presence in our family.  Intermingled with preparations  to celebrate, are feelings of missing those passed, and yet there is so much love and gratitude for the surprises that lurk just around the corner.  I am blessed to live in a very supportive community  with 2 close friends nearby and a day  care program where I volunteer  with 3,  4 and  5 year old children who keep me in the present moment.
I look forward to sharing the next chapter of my life with those who read my blog.  DONATIONS  for this fundraiser can be made on this website by clicking the donate button above.  Thank you for your generous donations. They will go towards offsetting  the expense of donating a copy of my book to each of   the breast cancer survivors who attend the PINK ZONE Game on March 1,2015.

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