Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Day of Rest and Quiet

Life has taken a   toll on me  these past months.  Revisions to my memoir are painstaking and work.  Though I love writing, this project is much more difficult than the original. In addition, just one week ago, I attended a funeral of a dear friend, a staunch advocate for students.  Mourning is the early stage of grief and puts me in somewhat of a "time warp."  A human being exist in  time and space and we still seem to look for the one who is no longer with us.  Depending on the relationship, this lasts for a time until the reality of his passing is accepted.

 The above photos of today's  respite of quiet and walking by Lake Makoma provided me the necessary solitude I needed to enter the fall activities with my  usual enthusiasm.  I am taking a class in ethics and plan to volunteer with young children.  Sharing what is so generously given to me is an important part of my life and I continue to support the Centre County Women's Resource Center and     the Bob Perks Cancer Fund.

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