Sunday, October 4, 2015

Determined to Succeed!!

For  those of you who follow my blog, I want you to know that I have been preparing to bring more focus to my writing due to the esculating ADA violations that have happened too close to home to be ignored.  I now find myself having not only advocate, but pursue possible Civil Rights litigation involving state and local public entities.  It  is indeed a very difficult, but necessary place I find mysef in a community I have thought of as home for several decades.

This blog is now being dedicated primarily to Disability Rights!! Examples and specific instances violating written statutes and regulations based the Americans with Disabilities Act, a Federal Civil Rights Act signed into law by President George Bush on July 26, 1990, will be written about in detail. Specific names and identifying information of those discriminated against  will be changed in order to protect their identity.  Periodically, I may use examples from my own experience to illustrate or clarify details, however, I want to stress that the topic being addressed is always the CIVIL RIGHTS of people with disabilities based on Federal Statutes.

If anyone wishes to write publicly of an experience, ethier their own or aan incident witnessed, dealing with  Disability Rights or comment on what is written, you may do so by replying to a post on this blog.  Please refrain from "name calling." profanity, or biased opinion.  Merely describe what happened and the consequences you experienced as a result of the discrimination.  If  you want your anonimity protected, email your experience to and your name will not be used.  Your experience or opinion will be posted as "from a guest blogger" if that is acceptable.

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