Sunday, June 8, 2014

Not the Only One

Click this link
to see a woman comedian with cerebral palsy.  We need more art and entertainment like  this.  Being able to laugh at life's circumstances is one of the healthiest things to do .  Those with disabilities are often portrayed as needy or heroic.  We actually span the range of all humanity.  We are your families, teachers, neighbors, counselors etc.  In my life, children are the best reminders of who I am,  They run into my arms, climb on my lap, and ask ordinary questions unrelated to my disability.  "Aren't you excited to see us, Miss Annie" asked a 6 year old Indian girl  whose family had baked lemon cup cakes for my birthday.
Apparently, I wasn't showing the degree of excitement that she (age 5) and her younger brother, (age 3) anticipated.

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