Monday, May 12, 2014

Graduation & Mother's Day

This weekend was an especially busy one in this college town as Spring Commencement Ceremonies and Mother's Day came on the same weekend.  Both celebrations bring bittersweet memories for me as my mother passed just one month before I received my undergraduate degree from Penn State.  In the midst of my emotions, I felt such gratitude as I  watched the School of Nursing give degrees to their first gradates as it's own Department.  Before nursing was within the Department of Human Development.  I  told one graduating nurse that I  have such hope in this generation of young adults entering the medical field.  I hope for better patient care for those with disabilities and less politics.  Gratitude and hope go together, at least most days.  I want there to come a day when the good medical care I've received through much self advocacy will be a matter of course.  That physicians will recognize that it's okay to admit to a patient when not much is known about their disability and admit  that they may be biased because of ignorance in  the field.  I am grateful for the clinicians I have chosen who have come to this level of expertise.  Most of them are within the Penn State Hershey System.


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