Monday, December 23, 2013

Yes this is REALLY Happening!

From Kyle Young

 The following is an email that I received from Kyle Young.  As a young drector, he has taken on the provocative challenge of filming an inspirational video of my life.  We invite you told join us by donating financially and or sponsoring a debut in you community.

I’m pleased to announce that the video I have created about my Cerebral Palsy documentary has gone live, and I hope to raise $3000 over the next 35 days. This money will be to facilitate the creation of a quality documentary, and for entry into film festivals and further exposure and distribution.
So please, this holiday season, think about those who are dealing with the social stigma and physical challenges of CP on a daily basis. If you are able to give $10, $25, or more, I would be grateful. If not, please do me the simple favor of liking and/or sharing the link in an effort to spread awareness about the project.
We all have the ability to be agents of change, and the more who participate, the faster change occurs.
Thank you
Kyle Young

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