Tuesday, November 19, 2013


The promotion for a documentary about my life will soon appear on    www.hatchfund.org Kyle Young, whose passion is film production, is diligently working on a promotion about his work and why he has chosen my life as a subject.  His goal is to raise $3ooo.oo to support this production and pay  the necessary fees to enter national film festivals. ALL DONATIONS WILL BE TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!  The holidays are a special  time to donate in memory of a loved with a disability or perhaps, some one whom you admire the way they meet the challenge.  It may be a significant way to say, “THANK YOU” FOR YOUR INSPIRATION!   The promotion is scheduled to run  approximately from  11/22 – 12/26, 2013.  Look for the link  http:// www.hatchfund.org    as we  will be posting and sharing it all accross cyberspace.

Thank you in advance for making this dream come true

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