Saturday, October 26, 2013

The way I began to handle this frequent occurrence several years ago was to insist that the airline pay for the damages they were responsible for.  Many USAir (the airline I fly most often), employees began to recognize me as a professional who understood the consequences and legal liability issues that would be imposed should I file a formal complaint.  USAIR now has a department, Global Repairs, which handles all such damages expediently and professionally.  While I agree such adversary need not be necessary if  the airlines simply did their jobs, I commend USAir finally handling such situations promptly and damages to my scooter occurs much less frequently!
I encourage people with disabilities to exercise their rights as anyone else  would.  We are not "complaining" , nor do we have unlimited time to wait for our mobility aid.  The assumption that we have "nothing to do" is erroneous as  well as insulting.  If we treat ourselves and each other this way, why should society treat us any differently?

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