Sunday, June 24, 2012

"Can you use your hands?"

I am often asked this question by those who see me going everywhere independently driving my scooter.  It is an odd question to me but, perhaps not to the able-bodied.
I had a friend photograph me typing at  my computer desk.  Adaptive equipment wasn't even part of our vocabulary when I was in school and college.  I taught myself how to type on a manual typewriter that most young people have never seen.  By the time computers were available, I had taught myself a system using both hands.  On a good day, I type about  30 words per minute.  For me, my hands are more reliable than voice recognition programs and, of course, spell check is a plus for correcting "typos."
So here's the photo:
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  1. Thanks for sharing and for being an avid reporter of life.

  2. i so appreciate your support! Thank you.