Monday, February 20, 2012


After many years of living a full and active life with cerebral palsy, defying ALL medical prognosis, I have become an expert at turning "impossible" situations into a lived reality.  I now dedicate my life to assisting others in doing the same.  If you are encouraged by my example, feel free  to make a donation of any amount  to support my efforts to encourage others with a variety of challenges; e.g., disabilities, low self esteem, issues of abuse, inability to ask for help  in a non-manipulative way, etc., to be able to make positive choices and gain more control over their lives. Funds will be used to  offer free classes teaching the skills necessary to achieve what you were told, and once believed, to be impossible.  If you are inspired by this blog, feel free to donate any  amount.  A signed copy of my memoirs, It's Easier  to Dance, is available for a donation of $19.95.

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