Sunday, June 11, 2017

Win some.........Lose some

My husband and I truly believed in Civil Rights protection in the United States.  Especially when there was honesty and non-manipulation that is often encouraged by those who work in the social service system.  We were wrong!  Even our state representative and orthopeadic physician blatantly disregarded the Americans with Disabilities Act, putting my health and community living at great risk.  Were it not for my faithful, loving husband and two local executives, I would likely be in a nursing home.  A former employee of a local home based care agency taped a staff meeting where a discussion of how I would be manipulated into admission to a local nursing home would occur.  Shortly afterwards, the employee quit her job and gave me the tape.  Apparently, even my brother was in on the duplicitous behavior!  Public exposure is my ultimate goal but, for now this blog post will have to do.

Unfortunately, it is common for  those with cerebral palsy to be portrayed as less than capable.