Saturday, April 29, 2017


After several months of working with the PA State Representative's Office without success in getting even one response from the administration of the Office of Long Term Living, (OLTL), a formal complaint was filed with the Office of Civil Rights within Health & Human Services.  The investigator asked some very pertinent questions regarding the silence of the state administrators.  Upon learning of the consumer being denied clearly stated civil rights, he immediately referred the case to the Federal Office of Civil Rights in Washington, DC.

Civil Rights violations reported by the consumer can be found in the professional articles about home based care but never in the first person.  Hopefully, the undaunting persistence of this one woman and her husband will speak for many who have been silenced by a healthcare system that views them as expendable. 

Amazon Author Page

I am attempting again to add  this blog to my Amazon Author page.  When this is available, more will be written about the most difficult case of discrimination based on disability that  have encountered in a very long time.