Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Day of Rest and Quiet

Life has taken a   toll on me  these past months.  Revisions to my memoir are painstaking and work.  Though I love writing, this project is much more difficult than the original. In addition, just one week ago, I attended a funeral of a dear friend, a staunch advocate for students.  Mourning is the early stage of grief and puts me in somewhat of a "time warp."  A human being exist in  time and space and we still seem to look for the one who is no longer with us.  Depending on the relationship, this lasts for a time until the reality of his passing is accepted.

 The above photos of today's  respite of quiet and walking by Lake Makoma provided me the necessary solitude I needed to enter the fall activities with my  usual enthusiasm.  I am taking a class in ethics and plan to volunteer with young children.  Sharing what is so generously given to me is an important part of my life and I continue to support the Centre County Women's Resource Center and     the Bob Perks Cancer Fund.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

How to tell a true friend.

"Friend" and "love" are words we use all too frequently without realizing we are misleading another, as well as ourselves.  In the United States, particularly, we confuse being acquaintances with being friends and physical attraction for love.  Worse still, sex is confused with intimacy, and I haven't heard the expression "making love" in a very long time.  How sad!                            

When the expected 
Becomes familiar
The relationship is not boring........
It's becoming precious, perhaps intimate.
Anticipation of the familiar response is 
Loves way of settling in.
Routine allows for
Deepening of 
Emotions to 
Explore humor and Joy while in the midst of  today's chaos