Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fear of Success

If every group classified as a “minority” was honest, the title of this post is our greatest challenge.  If we are successful, financially or otherwise, then we have to accept  responsibility for who we are.  I remember telling my  sister how grateful I was  for all the help  I had received in my life.  She looked directly into my eyes and said,  ”You  earned it. You worked hard.  You were only given the opportunities which you could have wasted.”  My sister's, words still  echo in me though she is no longer alive.  Those words are louder today than when she spoke them.   Why  is it so hard for minorities and woman who, actually out number and out live men, to accept these honest words?  It's not about what is done to us.  It is what we do  to ourselves that holds us back .  We become our own worst enemy when we become some on else's idea of who we should be.  If we “stand up” for ourselves, we are often called “bitch” arrogant, and not feminine.  In order for this image to take hold of our lives we have to give our consent and comply with some one else's  view, and  perceptions tainted by his/her own limited understanding.  This is not wrong or bad……….just incorrect.  Like looking into a magnified mirror where the image is distorted.  Velma   is an African american woman who is a member of the church I attend.  She is my Elder and almost from  the day we met, she has spoken of her love for me and how proud she is of my book.  She said that she keeps buying copies to send to relatives who live out of town.  Not long ago, I told her that she speaks to me from beyond history, “outside of time” so to speak.  If I am going to listen to some one's idea of who I am, I will listen to my beloved Elder, Velma.
To whom do you listen?